Goldsource STU-3000 Step Up/Down Voltage Transformer Converter - AC 110/220 V - 3000 WattDescription

Made by one of the leading manufacturers in the industry, the Goldsource ST series step up/down voltage transformers offer you a safe, reliable, affordable & convenient solution to converting voltages from 110-120 volts up to 220-240 volts or from 220-240 volts down to 110-120 volts for both home use & industrial applications. The ST-3000 is rated at 3000 watts maximum. It features a heavy-d


  • Step Up/Down transformer converts 220-240 volts down to 110-120 Volts or 110-120 volts up to 220-240 volts.
  • Simultaneous 3-mode Output: 5V (USB) / 120V (Standard US outlet) / 220V (Universal outlet)
  • Four input voltages selectable: 110V/120V/220V/240V
  • All range fuse protection with two spare fuses included.
  • CE certified & 3-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

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This product was manufactured by Goldsource.

Brand: Goldsource
UPC: 615564715255

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Goldsource STU-3000 Step Up/Down Voltage Transformer Converter - AC 110/220 V - 3000 Watt

3 Responses to Goldsource STU-3000 Step Up/Down Voltage Transformer Converter – AC 110/220 V – 3000 Watt

  • Howard Fidel says:

    The transformer works as specified. I tested it at 1440 watts load with 208 VAC input, the load being 1240 watts at 120 VAC and 200 watts at 220 VAC. The transformers temperature rise was reasonalby, although the iron laminations don’t seem big enough for 3KW. I opened the unit up, and was horrified! The product is labeled as CE marked and manufactured to ISO9001. I frankly don’t believe it! There was hot glue holding many of the parts to the panels, the soldering was of poor quality, with burn marks on the wires, and wires soldered to the boards and connectors with being mechanically attached, just the solder keeps the wire in place. This does not meet standard. The power cord is 16 AWG wire, which at 220 VAC input is OK, but 120 VAC with a 30 amp fuse is undersize by at least 2 wire gauges. The plug is also only rated at 15 amps, so there is no way to get 3 KW out of this transformer with 120 VAC input on a houselhold outlet. It could deliver 3 KW with a 220 VAC input. I plan on…

  • Bill says:

    Not durable: The Goldsource converter died after 3 months of purchase. We did not use it heavily, but it still failed so quickly. It is not easy to find the repair from the warranty.

  • Brian D. King "BrianKingKong" says:

    I bought this transformer to use in Brazil so that I could take my 110v 60hz American products and use them in a 220v 50hz system in Brazil. The product is well equipped to do this. It has different settings for input of 110v, 120v, 200v, 220v, or 240v. You easily select the voltage that will be coming in by moving a plug in the back. The power cord is a standard USA polarized plug with ground, but in the box it comes with a plug adapter for Europe. This didn’t help me too much in Brazil, but it is not a big deal to get a $1 or $2 plug adapter to make it fit here or anywhere else.

    After you plug it in, switch it on, and then you have two options on the front from which to get power. You can receive either 110v or 220v via two USA type outlets (with ground) in the front. Then just plug in your electronic equipment and bingo, you have the correct voltage and hertz to not burn out your motors! I am using the product to step down the voltage to 110v for my stuff, but…

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